“Hello everyone, I am Roberta, an enthusiastic and ambitious environmentalist made in Barbagia, a wild and mountainous area of inner Sardinia, Italy, a place where traditions, way-of-living and nature have remained untouched for centuries. Nature has always been part of my life – I was climbing trees and swimming in clear waters as long as I remember – and that’s probably why I have such dedication for saving the environment. 

I studied sustainable development and diplomacy, and have years of interdisciplinary work experience from the private sector, development, and NGOs through the lenses of environmental, economical and political development.


Five years ago, I decided to move to the Netherlands and started working in communications for sustainability, to leverage my skills as a storyteller and creative. This, to transform inaction into action and inspire sustainable behavior change.

As an Italian cliché, food has always been my love language and I lately became deeply interested in how sustainability is related to food.

Last but not least, I am a European Climate Pact ambassador for the European Commission.

My life would not be the same without photography, sarcasm, and tiramisù.

Looking forward to taking action with this community and getting to know everyone better!“


Roberta Bosu